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UK Leads in Customer Authentication: Arcot Report

The UK leads in consumer authentication: says figures from Arcot. But can more be done.

Arcot reported in June 2023 upon global EMV 3DS performance. A tough read, but the UK performance was exciting, as it outperformed the rest of the EU, and less surprisingly, the rest of the world in almost every measured parameter. Merchant acquiring saw:

Authentication success rates in the UK were 92% (for both browsers and App EMV 3DS transactions), where the EU performed at 87% and 67% and Ireland at 90% and 81% respectively. The rest of the world varied at lower rates, especially on Apps in Americas and Africa.

Challenge rates (i.e. how often was the customer contacted) in the UK were 35% for browser and 26% for App events, with the EU at 48% and 64% and Ireland at 40% and 41% respectively. The rest of the world at much higher rates for merchant and consumer impact.

Convert the challenge request in the UK was 83% browser and 76% App; with the EU at 78% and 58% and Ireland at 78% and 57% respectively.

Notably, the Middle East had a challenge rate of circa 90% and challenge success rate over 80%.

Overall decline rates in the UK were 8.1%, Ireland 11.0% and the rest of EU at 13.9%; but this could combine both needed declined and/or some concerning 'lost sales’. The rest of the world included: Africa (22%), Asia (16.1%), North America (16.3%), other Americas (20.1%), Middle East (12.0%) and Oceania (8.5%).

See the detailed reporting for much more on frictionless declined transactions, merchant abandonments, challenge abandoned by cardholder etc.

This shows great momentum but still more to do (globally) on authentication decisioning, to avoid more challenge, reduce errors and improve merchantsales.

Read the full information at Arcot Report.

Riskskill is a leading Europe-based payments and risk management consultancy having a team of independent risk advisors. is a global GARS Reviewer for Visa.

Authors: Kevin Smith and Bill Trueman are directors at Riskskill, and are well known payments and risk specialist, with over 25 years of experience. For more information about Riskskill visit website at or contact them at

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