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Solutions from Riskskill

Corporate Due Diligence and Risk Review

Corporates Total Risk Review Services.

Riskskill delivers ‘total risk’ assessments for large companies - i.e. businesses, corporates and companies worldwide - especially those in and dealing with large financial services organisations.


Our team identifies risks within businesses - i.e. the real risks that a business is likely to experience rather than theoretical or etherial risks, and then work with our clients to solve the problems that are present and develop plans to close the gaps and deliver ACTION plan to protect the business.

A review of the risks bespoke for any business will lead to risk reduction solutions and risk management solutions. These are always different, but usually involve many and/or several of: addressing organisational issues and management improvements, financial control improvements and IT solutions; indeed, anywhere across a business.

Large businesses, by the nature of their size, can sometimes be slower at making major change whether reactively or passively, but equally restrained from implementing longer-term change strategies to address risk 'gaps'.

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When businesses are aware of the risks and the related potential losses, it often cannot adapt fast enough to make the changes that are needed. ‘Hot-spots’ can fall in between organisational silos - which will often hide a problem and make it no-one department’s problem to own or address.


This is why it often takes an experienced external viewpoint to help to identify, monitor, review and then start a plan to remove the risks within a business.

What We Do at Riskskill

Our Riskskill team provides an impetus for new thinking, radical alternatives and direction and momentum to get things done across a business.


If the shareholders of a business knew and understood the risks within their organisation, there would much more ownership, increased accountability across the business. Board meetings would reflect a little more on the risks and their impact on the business than other issues that need to be addressed in remuneration and/or audit committees.

We provide risk reviews of all aspects of a business - i,e, whether they are credit risk reviews, financial risk reviews or other risk management services - that can give the board a real focus on actions that can make a big-difference to the financial results delivered by a company.


Only too often, financial and business risks and exposures are not given proper attention or worse still, even concealed. Not intentionally, but often attributed to economic or other external issues that prevent them from being addressed.


Our team will work with your board/executive management to ensure that all the right people understand what should be done and to provide a clear vision and plan on how to take things forward.

Riskskill uses proven analysis techniques and methods to understand what needs to be done. We will draw upon experienced 'best of breed' risk consultants, each of whom is a specialist in their own field.

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