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Card Scheme Compliance

Card Scheme Compliance Consulting Service

Approved Visa Inc. Risk Reviewer

Riskskill is an approved Visa Inc. risk reviewer, and as such can conduct reviews for card-scheme domestic and global risk and compliance programmes. We can do so globally, and are fully conversant with global programmes such as EMV, CHIP&PIN, on-line/off-line, fallback, SEPA and any and all other regional and local regulations.

We are pleased to be a qualified and approved reviewer of acquirer programmes for compliance with Visa’s Acquirer Risk Program (ARP), the Global Acquirer Risk Standards (GARS) and Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP), amongst other card scheme requirements.

We can also advise on other card scheme programmes, as well as legal and regulator challenges, and/or prepare businesses for audits carried out by external bodies, regulators and schemes. Generally, our work leads to either $€£millions in savings from fines when they are happening OR putting in the right protections and strategies to stop this from becoming the issue.


Riskskill became the first Visa-approved global auditor headquartered outside North America in early 2014, and is proud to be amongst a small but growing number of approved suppliers outside the USA. Riskskill builds upon a strong and independent engagement history with both Visa Europe and Visa Inc as well as other international card schemes.

Risk reviews are structured around the card schemes' own audit and compliance requirements and the extensive skills and knowledge inherent within the Riskskill team:

  • A deep knowledge of the card schemes' rules and requirements.

  • A detailed acquiring, issuing, fraud, compliance, risk management focus.

  • Both Operational as well as strategic knowledge.

  • Experience of regulatory requirements.

  • Innovative and new ideas and solutions.

  • Risk-based decisioning.

  • The 'risk-culture' of an organisation.

Riskskill perform practical and detailed reviews, with advice, guidance and help throughout a review. We help businesses towards compliance and fuller competence during a review, and to fully understand all aspects of any portfolio that is being reviewed along with any and all third party agents or other parties. We will not send inexperienced people to help you, all of our team have working in payments sectors at senior management level for over 25 years - and have worked in the heart of businesses similar to yours.
If needed, a gap analysis and assessment against card scheme rules, other regulatory requirements and industry best practices will be prepared, and we will always show you any other 'gaps' that you have as part of working with you.
Riskskill maintains continuing relationships with organisations - working 'in confidence' for the organisation - to understand and help with all necessary mitigation plans and help with any 'reporting back' to card schemes, regulators and other parties - i.e. such as your own internal-oversight departments.

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