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Risk Strategy and Direction

Risk Strategy, Corporate Risk Direction, Risk Reduction Consultancy.

A lot of the time businesses have an operational ‘Risk team’ of some sort - often called many different things. And even more often, there are many people who do not understand what it does or how it helps the organisation.

The right management information may not be getting to the right decision makers, and there may not even be a risk or fraud policy within the business, that has been agreed by the board to steer the company in the right direction.

Often the losses that do arise and the exposures to risk result from tasks being carried out in silos. e.g. in an insurance business claims may be much higher because of underwriting issues; and in a bank or card business, the losses may be high because of a new marketing strategy that has not quite worked.

A business may simply not have set the right agenda, stance or approach and left an operational risk team to focus upon the wrong things or to work within a business silo that cannot influence the business.

Image by Martin Widenka
The team at Riskskill will:

  • Help you develop a risk policy and a direction for the business to cut losses significantly.

  • Assist you to set accountabilities for your team.

  • Develop a work-plan for risk mitigation and/or preventative projects.

  • Improve or develop your management information to help you control the business risks.

  • Help you set targets to drive losses and or exposures in the right direction.

  • Prioritise the projects that will make the biggest difference to your financial performance.

We will also always help your executive team to understand the risks, losses and/or exposures, what the dynamics are and what needs to be done to drive them down - or simply ways in which we can make them less erratic.

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