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Solutions from Riskskill

Management of Risk Projects

Risk Based Project Management Consulting & Advisory Services.

Sometimes all that is needed is a business case, often this together with a prioritisation and implementation.

Often all that is needed is someone to write the business case, someone to make sure that it is signed off, someone to implement it after an appropriate prioritisation.That is all.

A simple collation and presentation of ‘the numbers’, the benefits and the costs; some words to make sure that everyone is aligned and within the same direction and agreed strategy; and of course, a perspective on what is being done elsewhere.

Will it all then work?


Have we made the right decisions and chosen the right way to do things?

Office Work

Wherever we go, especially within risk departments and teams, there is always a lot of work to do. As a result, people struggle to implement long-term solutions because every day is devoted to dealing with the next loss, the next case and there is never enough time.

Projects relating to important risk matters do not get addressed, even when there are serious losses associated with not dealing with such projects, longer-term risk management and general observation of regulatory requirements.

So when RISK-based projects are not implemented - and quickly, the losses build up and people will increasingly attack the weaknesses in our systems and processes that we leave.

As we have so many projects to manage, vendors to choose from and to manage, and usually a queue of IT implementations. Often the issues and ‘stoppages’ are just a matter of defining requirements and making sure that we get the right resources in the right places.

The team at Riskskill will:

  • Look to see what you are doing today.

  • Review the options that you have committed to already.

  • Summarise the position and the gaps, costs, benefits and other issues that are relevant.

  • Help to validate and case that you have made so far and make any other business case updates.

  • Support you and your team at every stage, your executives and if needed, work with your partners too.

  • Ensure that briefings and communications are completed as part of the agenda.

  • Work with your project teams, your IT management, your internal risk specialists, and anyone else involved with the project to get the job done.

  • Make sure that results are measurable and that they are tracked as required.

  • Make sure that the work continues and that you are protected from future losses.

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