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Stripe and Spheres

Solutions from Riskskill

Education and Support

Corporate Fraud & Risk Review Awareness, Education, Training Services.

Our team provides support and guidance on all risk matters, payments, financial services regulation and payments direction and strategy; whether it be to the board, to a classroom or to a mixed audience.

A lot of what we do is delivering strategy and operational risk vision and direction, but often everyone needs to be updated on the direction; whether it is the stakeholders who need to understand, support, pay for and endorse the direction; or the wider community who need to implement and follow the direction.

We support your business, with training and support for any situation and with any level of education, mentoring or training that is needed.

We provide guidance on a wider range of specialist subject matter, such as risk evaluation, improving the quality of business, introducing more controls and preventative measures, underwriting, rule-writing, exception management, the detail around analysing text used in dealing with customers, scrips, or dialogue for honesty and deception.

All of these things are used to deliver superior customer focused risk handling.

Business Colleagues
The team at Riskskill will:

  • Review what your needs are with you, and help you to understand what the best, quickest and most cost-effective ways are to improve your results. Often education and support requirements will lead on from a risk review

  • Establish what the customer needs, who to mentor, who to brief on what, and how to undertake what training and people development.

  • We specialise in working with executives teams and board members on how to manage risks, what to ask for, what to evolve and how to get the best results for the organisation.

  • Develop and deliver bespoke material for an individual business and as the risk challenges evolve as every situation is unique. We do not see a challenge that is ‘the same as the last one’ and our advice always has to fit the business involved and be unique.

  • Devise a programme of work and the support programmes to help people change direction, change the culture, the decision-making, the investigations ethos and/or how to handle loss situations differently.

  • Deal with other problems along the way too and deal with fraud, compliance fines and/or regulatory challenges - as well as management issues that arise along the way.

  • Help you to plan stronger deterrent messages in all customer messages and in PR and with the media.

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