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Riskskill Services

Monitoring Scheme and Regulatory Risks and Compliance

Compliance Subject Matter Expertise with Integrated Technology Service.

Riskskill provides compliance management services across the payments sector, working with - and solving complex challenges for - Payment Networks, Regulators, Merchant Acquirers, Issuers, Payment Processors, Retailers and Payment Facilitators.

We see our clients wrestling with finding the card-scheme and regulatory compliance people; with structured review processes and systems and controls that will pass audits and meet even minimum standards. We wanted to solve these problems for our clients. A system and people-skills to take away many of the compliance concerns.

Our Work Helps Our Clients to:

  • Demonstrate good corporate governance.

  • Find the best people knowledgeable in AML, regulatory and card scheme compliance; with experience in payments and business in a competitive recruitment market.

  • Develop capacity and team in compliance.

  • Be proactive with change, formal external/ internal reviews, to avoid warnings and sanctions. Inject independent compliance and oversight skills.

  • Maintain control of compliance oversight across Third Parties and ways to monitor them.

  • Develop flexible reporting for all stakeholders including  board-level reporting on compliance activities.

  • Stay abreast of, and prioritise scheme and regulatory requirements, sector knowledge, GDPR, PCI DSS, SMCR, PSD2 SCA, credit risk, governance, AML/KYB, 3LoD, and more.

How We Can Help you

Together with technology partner PRIMED, Riskskill provides bespoke, modular solutions and services that enhance your current compliance approach - tailored to your business, aligned with your governance needs and policies, and designed for ease of use and and minimal disruption.

Our Solutions and Services Deliver:

  • Structured compliance checking procedures

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Clear reports and digital dashboards

  • Risk-based evaluation of strategy and policies

  • Compliance attestation / remediation/ oversight

  • Ongoing assessments or self-assessments

  • Management of regulatory change

  • Empowerment of risk and compliance functions

  • Stronger engagement between compliance & business

  • Compliance as a competitive advantage.

The Riskskill Approach.
What is Unique? The Differentiator?
Riskskill offer the only compliance subject matter expertise with integrated technology service.


We provide a customised engagement to meet your needs, the resource and skill-level of your people - from a shared service, assignment of actions, checking and review; to full independent oversight and a truly scalable solution.

  • We know what ‘good’ looks like; and understand the regulatory and scheme expectations

  • Always pragmatic, measured and modular in our approach

  • You can self-monitor remediation ACTIONS, or ask us to do this independently for you

  • Your ‘in-house’ external trusted partner that can relieve you of the burden of compliance management.

Want to Know More?

Trust our delivery focus, our pragmatism, our core problem solving and our vitality and vision.

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