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Our Credentials

Stronger direction, policy and framework of controls or measures for the more forward thinking organisation.

Credentials - Testimonials.

The nature of our work mitigates against testimonials - largely as we make six or seven figure savings for an organisation, remove it from a regulator’s list or ‘compliance fine’ situation, or establish a stronger direction, policy and framework of controls or measures for the more forward thinking organisations.


Riskskill has worked with many organisations in many sectors and countries. Most assignments are sensitive given the nature of the work as the projects generally identify and drive forward new strategic and operational direction. 

Our team works globally, Our people work with regulators in many industries and industry bodies and agencies, with acquisition targets and hunters including with the card schemes - e.g. MasterCard and Visa, local card and ATM schemes, insurers, vendors, merchants and lawyers.


Our experts manage all varieties of complexities and evolve strong and effective solutions, systems, practices and policies as required; that are valued by our clients worldwide.

Image by Marek Levák

  • Riskskill attends 2nd WebShield RiskConnect Conference in Frankfurt - Bill Trueman presents on stage there with Pulitzer prize winner Carl Bernstein - of Watergate scandal fame

  • Riskskill attends 1st WebShield RiskConnect Conference in Frankfurt - Kevin Smith presents

  • Riskskill is an approved VISA Inc GARS Reviewer - this means that when Visa Inc requests a business risk review, Riskskill will be the trusted organisation that you need to contact to make recommendations on performance improvement, reducing losses, and/or generating business.

  • Respond to BBC (and other international media) prime-time news items involving fraud, compliance, payment irregularities and other risk matters.

  • Directors who are industry professionals with academic successes, articles, and Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.

  • Riskskill Attends Webshield Riskconnect Conference in 2019 in Warsaw - Bill Trueman and Kevin Smith represent and chair panel sessions.

  • Riskskill attends CIR 10th Annual Risk Management awards 2019 - Bill Trueman represents.

  • Directors with broad operational, commercial as well as strategic risk and product management knowledge of payments from insurance, card issuing, acquiring, processing and international card scheme perspectives.

  • An active member of AIRFA (the Association of Independent Risk & Fraud Advisors) contributing to industry issues.

  • Helping many organisations save $£€millions globally through addressing non-compliance issues and putting in place realistic preventative programmes.

  • Engaged with the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) through the continued support of its directors to provide payments/risk/fraud/chargebacks subject matter expertise to merchant staff.

  • Deeply involve in and with contributions to consultation processes to support the introduction and definition of the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) in the UK, EU regulation and ECB papers.

  • Engaged by global retailers to understand payments and fraud and challenge their acquirer(s) on support requirements, fraud losses and costs.

  • Engaged by a large UK national retailer to analyse payment data, identify payments and interchange costs that needed to be discussed with its acquirer for £€$millions savings.

  • Recognised for working with a major European merchant acquirer to set and deliver a new strategy, make major operational changes, introduce new processes, procedures and structures and negotiate with regulators to make savings of €3-4million each month.

  • Establish programmes of work, buy-in of shareholders. Driven the global fraud strategy for one of the worlds largest insurance groups – involving potential 8-9 figure savings.

  • Identified market entry and interoperability challenges for mobile money providers in with countries facing financial inclusion challenges. 

  • Engaged by the board of a major insurance company to set (and deliver) fraud strategy to realise £10-20m savings annually. Built teams, recruited and implemented plans.

  • Developed a fraud systems’ migration plan for a major German bank – savings > £15m per year.

  • Ran workshop sessions for German banks with major card scheme for industry strategy.

  • Advise young start-up innovators and solution providers.

  • Presented programme of work and for a different major German bank and their processor for credit card fraud loss programme.

  • Engaged by one of the largest card businesses in Austria, working with the fraud team and directors to set directions with new work streams.

  • Completed complex compliance international card scheme audits on merchant acquirers.

  • Completed operational review on a major prepaid issuer in Europe with changes to executive level appoints recommended to Board.

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