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Solutions from Riskskill

Risk and Fraud Detection

Risk Detection Systems and Services.

A lot of businesses have superb risk detection systems based upon a history of developing them in the face of major losses. In a quest for continued improvement, new systems get purchased and installed too, and often these were ‘sold to us’ as ‘much better than the last one’ but we do not get the same results.

  • Why isn't it doing what it should be doing.

  • Why do others get better results than us?

Often this is because we are not fully using the features that are now available to us, or have not put all the data into them; or are simply targeting the wrong things. 

There are lots of issues, and most commonly we see decision-making that needs help with either some speeding-up or strengthening.

  • Do we have our customer service / risk balance right? Most of the time, these are seen as very conflicting issues - but they do not have to be.

  • Is the business sending mixed messages about what it wants and how it works to customers.

The team at Riskskill will:

  • Find and set the right ethos, thinking and balance between customer service AND risk prevention.

  • Establish what aspect of the current systems and processes need to be improved and how..

  • Make sure that your processes, your procedures and all systems are working optimally.

  • Provide guidance to your team on how to measure and track results and Management Information.

  • Ensure that people are following the right targets and in the right way.

  • That the focus is upon reactive and pro-active in the right amounts.

  • Help you make all changes needed to monitor and manage the systems and processes.... whatever the underlying solutions are that you have.

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