Helping you find ways to accept new business risks, understand current risks, develop stronger sales, cut the losses from the business, increase compliance and make business acquisition stronger.

Card Scheme Compliance

Riskskill is an approved Visa Inc. risk reviewer, and as such can conduct reviews for card-scheme domestic and global risk and compliance programmes.

Card Risk Management Solutions

Generally, our team of card risk and fraud experts team gets called upon when the loss levels are rising, but of course when card fraud losses are going down, we still need to be vigilant and find more preventative measures all the time.

E-Money Risk, Fraud & Compliance Solutions


Riskskill helps businesses to find, identify and then avoid €$£multi-million in fines, but also to stop unwarranted brand damaging mistakes that arise from non-compliance fines or regulator challenges or orders.

Mobile Wallet Consultancy Services


Everyone and anyone has been launching Payment Wallet products - whether they are major global IT vendors, software houses, telcos, new-internet startups, international card schemes and payment systems, banks...

Corporate Risk Management Services

With years of experience in dealing with corporate risks, the team at provide risk management services to many businesses, but in particular to medium and major enterprises who tend to have the biggest losses that can be avoided and some of the biggest challenges.

Corporate Due Diligence and Risk Review

Riskskill delivers ‘total risk' assessments for large companies - i.e. businesses, corporates and companies worldwide - especially those in and dealing with large financial services organisations.

Risk Strategy and Direction

The right management information may not be getting to the right decision makers, and there may not even be a risk or fraud policy within the business, that has been agreed by the board to steer the company in the right direction.

Risk and Fraud Detection


Risk Detection Systems and Services that help you achieve the right ethos, thinking and balance between customer service and risk prevention.

and Support

Our team provides support and guidance on all risk matters, payments, financial services regulation and payments direction and strategy; whether it be to the board, to a classroom or to a mixed audience.

Management of Risk Projects

Ensuring any project stays on track with an eye on direction, strategy, goals and profitability.