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Partnering with software service provider to offer solution for reducing business risk,
removing administrative cost, and improving insight and oversight.

Riskskill Has Partnered with PRIMED for a Joint Venture.

We are delighted to announce that Riskskill and PRIMED have partnered for a joint venture for bringing together decades of card payment risk and compliance best practice. 

With PRIMED’s ability to extend the reach of good governance in fluid times for payment companies with real time penalties ever evolving rules to understand and apply good governance which is hard to find and an ever increasing administrative burden to manage.


PRIMED and Riskskill have combined their expertise and are digitising good practice providing rules mapping, policy and compliance oversight, horizon scanning and remediation tracking.

The first of five brand new propositions, the first arriving in December 2020, reducing business risk, removing administrative cost, improving insight and oversight.


PRIMED is a software service provider which help reduces the administrative burden of information gathering and gap analysis. 


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