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Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

Finding, improving and developing real-world
solutions to payments challenges and risks.

Payments, Improvements, Direction, Due Diligence, Risk, and Compliance.

Risk Advisor
Our Solutions


Everything that you do, must be done right. Our solutions will get you there. 

The team at Riskskill has decades of expertise in payments - e.g. Mastercard and Visa, local card and ATM schemes, regulatory governance,  risk management, compliance management service, and significantly in acquisition due diligence in these areas on each side of the transactions.


Our team of payments and financial industry specialists delivers innovative, quick, easy solutions in environments where change is needed. Most usually this is to develop payment solutions, prevent or address exposures, risk, compliance or other potential business losses.


Our team of independent risk advisors, risk specialist and risk management consultant consists of experienced executives, directors, business owners, risk specialists, and leaders who deliver and make things happen. Operating globally, and wherever the challenges are, our risk specialists team here works closely with your people, management and board to help correct payments risks and non-compliance issues, governance, fines, losses, regulatory issues, risks, reputational damage, fraud, remove losses, and make your shareholders, regulators and governing bodies happy.

Risk Specialist
Our Credentials


How we help you establish stronger direction, policy controls and compliance stance

risk management
Our Expertise


Risk review services, due diligence, compliance consultancy, independent advice and more

What is on Your Agenda?

  • Card scheme membership.

  • Finding new payments partners.

  • Post-merger challenges and business planning.

  • Reviewing yours or operations of another future partner.

  • Entering (or exiting) markets and products.

  • Chargebacks, frauds, credit losses, fines or other costs.

  • Card processing costs.

  • A card-scheme review (e.g. Visa GARS)

  • Under threat of regulatory operating restrictions.

  • Payments review - sales, planning, costs, approval rates, identity, innovation etc….

  • Media & PR, legal threats and challenges.

  • Payments subject matter expertise.

  • Coaching and mentoring.

  • New business sales & risk acceptance.

What We Do

Our people work globally - with regulators in many industries and industry bodies and agencies, with acquisition targets and hunters including with the card schemes - e.g. MasterCard and Visa, local card and ATM schemes, insurers, vendors, merchants and lawyers. Our risk management specialist and risk advisors manage all varieties of complexities and evolve strong and effective solutions, systems, practices and policies as required; that are valued by our clients worldwide.


We deliver people to share your thinking and ideas with and evolve them further to deliver strategies, people skills, new or replacement systems, a better performance or simply lower - or more predictable losses. Our experience is unbeatable, our analysis of your problems is precise and prescriptive, and our delivery outstanding. Save on professional costs with our practitioners who have 'done it all' before for lots of major global companies.

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