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  • Bill Trueman

Kevin Smith Joins Vigitrust Global Advisory Board Events in Dublin

Kevin Smith, a director at Riskskill and also an associate director at Assured Clarity, has been invited once again to join the Vigitrust Global Advisory Board at their events in Dublin on 24th and 25th October 2023. Coinciding with the 2023 PCI SSC Europe Community Meeting in Dublin, he joined a Vigitrust panel discussion of PCI experts to debate the challenges and opportunities for migrating to and supporting PCI standard version 4.0.

The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board is a team of top experts in information security and business leaders from over 30 countries. This group includes high-level executives like CISOs, CROs, CLOs, CEOs, CFOs, and other top leaders. They also secure support from board members, regulators, law enforcement, researchers, security vendors and industry specialists, along with other people who have a big impact in the security world.

Currently, there are more than 1000 members in the group. Over 300 of them are Chartered Advisors, and the rest are Community Members.

Kevin Smith is director at Riskskill and part of the risk management and data privacy team at Assured Clarity. He is a well-known payments and risk specialist, with over 30 years experience. For more information about Riskskill and Assured Clarity visit their respective websites at and

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